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You don't have to be an accounting or tax expert to run a profitable business — that's our job.

The bilingual team of experienced CPAs at Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates delivers a full complement of high quality accounting services, including:

    • Accounting Outsourcing Services for Miami Businesses Owners
      When you're focused on growing your business and maintaining relationships with your customers, it's hard to stop and redirect your efforts to keeping your books. For many small and medium-sized businesses, accounting is just not a full-time job, and yet, it requires the same diligence, skill and expertise that a qualified CPA would bring to the table. Rather than add head count to your team, your business has the cost-effective option of accounting outsourcing services. An established accounting firm in Miami can go beyond bookkeeping services to manage your organization's comprehensive accounting needs and you can focus on improving productivity and increasing profits.

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates, P.A., our team of efficient, highly experienced professionals will ensure that your business' financial records are always accurate and up-to-date. We know that the accuracy of financial data is critical for ensuring smooth business operation. Accounting outsourcing can free up your resources and your time without compromising the depth of information and range of financial tasks required to be performed within your company.

      • Our team offers customized solutions for your accounting services needs.
      • We will analyze your books and the needs of your staff to deliver a simple, easy-to-use accounting system for everyone in your organization.

      Our professional CPAs have high levels of professional integrity and they will manage the day-to-day accounting tasks that may otherwise distract you, and your team, from your core business focus.

      Why you need our Accounting Outsourcing Services
      Our team of experienced and skilled CPAs will guide your business' accounting services toward a path that ensures complete data accuracy.

      Our team can help your office with the following:
      • Choosing and setting up your bookkeeping software applications to ensure that all accounting processes runs smoothly.
      • Day-to-day bookkeeping tasks including the reconciliation and maintenance of your organization's general ledger.
      • Weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly processing of employee payroll.

      In addition, our accounting pros can quickly identify potential areas of concern that require your attention and/or a correction to ensure the highest data security and accuracy.

      The best part is that you'll be able to trust and count on the staff at Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates to have your back. We'll make sure that your accounting and bookkeeping is operating smoothly and always updated - you can continue to focus your efforts on growing your business and leave the accounting to us.
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    • Tax Services for South Florida Businesses Owners

      Unfortunately, the only constant with U.S. tax laws and regulations is the fact that they are constantly changing - sometimes by a little, and sometimes by a lot. To help you stay on top of your tax services, you need the team of CPAs at Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates. We deliver the best tax services for Miami and Fort Lauderdale business owners. Our tax accountants offer clients a wealth of specialized services to meet your tax compliance and advisory requirements.

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates, we deliver business tax services that include the following:
      • Domestic business taxes - We’ll ensure that your company’s taxes are in complete compliance with all applicable tax laws. We also help you stay ahead of changes so that you are informed as the laws change. We’ll help you identify potential tax consequences as you consider investments and make business decisions.
      • International business taxes – If your business goes beyond national boundaries, we’ll help your team navigate cross-border taxation laws, which can be very challenging. Our extensive experience in international tax laws and in working with international operations of U.S. companies ensures that you’ll have a broad base of international business tax law to your advantage.
      • Business tax representation - We’ll represent your business before the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Revenue if your business is audited.
      • Delinquent tax negotiations for businesses - When a business has fallen behind or has experienced difficulty preparing and filing the appropriate tax returns, we can help you with highly skilled business tax experts who will ensure your business gets caught up and avoids heavy penalties.

      Our tax services in Miami combine the best our tax accountants have to offer with the most thorough overall business tax services possible. From tasks that may seem simple but require diligence and experience, such as your corporate tax form to elaborate ones such as tax preparation and filing, we are here to serve your needs.

      Business Tax Services You Can Trust

      What does anyone want from their tax accountant? They want, more than anything, to be able to trust that their taxes are handled correctly and filed appropriately. Why? To avoid the hassle and time-consuming effort of misunderstandings with the Internal Revenue Service, that’s why. And business owners are no different.

      Our skilled tax services team offers your South Florida business:

      • Years of experience in business tax accounting, filing, and representation
      • Domestic as well as international experience for businesses and their employees
      • A communication style that ensures you’re always informed so you can remain in compliance of regulatory and taxation requirements

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates we develop one-on-one relationships with our clients so we understand and can accommodate their needs and expectations.
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    • Compilation Services for South Florida Businesses Owners

      Compiled financial statements represent the primary level of responsibility for any CPA and the compilation must comply with specific requirements. Miami and Fort Lauderdale business owners need the knowledge and understanding that comes from a well done compilation because it gives them a 'common sense' view of their organization's financial situation.

      Why is a compilation so useful to businesses?

      • Valuable insights to small or privately held entities that need help preparing their financial statements
      • As a review for business owners who are not actively involved in managing their companies
      • To determine whether a business needs other accounting services such as help managing their accounting records

      It's important to understand that by utilizing insights gained from compilation services, a CPA will prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements and deliver a report, but that report will not include a review or audit.

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates, our CPAs will prepare financial compilation reports based in conformance with accepted accounting principles for business owners who need a basic level of assurance of their financial position.

      Compilations Performed with Integrity

      When a CPA compiles the books and records of a client but does not do independent verification of the account balances or the profit and loss statement, that compilation serves as the very basic view of a company's financial position. It's useful for a number of business needs. A compilation report is issued when the financial information contained within is the basis for:

      • When you're considering a large business purchase
      • When you're thinking about acquiring a new business
      • When you're deciding whether to expand your business or hold a little longer

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates we develop one-on-one relationships with our clients so we understand and accommodate their needs and expectations. We strive to be an integral part of your accounting and tax services team. If we are contracted to provide bookkeeping services for your business, typical accounting procedures require a CPA to issue a compilation report at least annually.

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    • Affordable Payroll Services for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

      There is no doubt that accurate management of your payroll services is critical to your business, but it's not an everyday effort. Save time and money by trusting this time-consuming activity to our team and focus on the business at hand instead

      Calculating and processing payroll can be a challenge, particularly for small business owners. Many of the factors to consider include: determining withholding taxes and employee wages, tracking vacation and sick pay and calculating payments for benefits contributed by the employee.

      Why should you consider using Fernandez-Bergnes and Associates to outsource your company's payroll services?
      • Accuracy. We are know we need to be accurate if we want to keep you as a client.
        Count on us also being up to date with the latest tax law changes.
      • Convenience. The time consuming task is taken care of by our expert team.
      • Compliance. There is a complex combination of state and federal legal obligations to consider in the payroll process. Hiring Fernandez-Bergness and Associates can save you money on legal fees, and puts compliance in the hands of our expert team that has experience in these legal issues.

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates, our team takes the time to understand your industry, how your business fits within it, and you. Our financial advisors have the expertise and knowledge to guide you and your company through the changes that are occurring in the business and tax laws now and those that will come down the road - no matter what those changes are.

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    • Some business owners run their business as a personal business; i.e., they are synonymous with that business. Others incorporate as a way to detach themselves from the business' legal and tax obligations and keep things separate. Incorporation is the preferred route to business ownership for most new business owners, especially in circumstances where several investors or multiple founders are involved and the belief is that the business will see significant growth but also has potential risks.

      When entrepreneurs and new business owners are just starting out, they often have many questions, such as:

      • What legal form should my business take?
      • How and when do I register my business with the local government?
      • How do I set up my books and accounting correctly?

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates our bilingual team of experienced CPAs will take the time to learn about your business plans and recommend the right type of entity under which to operate. We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you determine which makes the right choice for your business now, and limits your future tax liability during the profitable years that are sure to come.

      What does it mean to incorporate? It means creating a new tax payer. After all, the federal and state governments tax their citizens and their corporations. When a business is incorporated, it becomes a recognized tax payer separate from you. There are a number of benefits to incorporation, including the protection of your personal assets by limiting of personal liability and a high degree of flexibility in financial planning.

      Our new business incorporation and advisor services include:

      • Small business start-up assistance
      • Incorporation and business formation assistance
      • Business plan development services
      • Selection of the right business structure
      • Federal Identification Number Filing
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    • Foreign Investor Consulting Services for South Florida Businesses Owners

      U.S. Business owners need to make the right financial decisions about seeking foreign investors. Consulting a CPA firm armed with experience in delivering trusted foreign investor advice is a good idea because foreign investment inquiries are better fielded with honest advice and individual attention.

      Money goes where it is well treated, and the United States remains the world's largest and most dynamic economy. Today, it welcomes foreign investors as having a positive impact on economic growth and job creation. There are a number of advantages to investing in the U.S., and as a result, many foreign investors want to invest in American businesses. When a business owner is reaching out to potential investors or receiving foreign investor enquiries, a CPA experienced in helping foreign investors confidently invest their money can make the competitive difference your business needs.

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates our bilingual CPAs have an excellent grasp on the global perspective necessary for U.S. business owners. We have experience representing foreign investors and a proven track record of finding the most beneficial solutions to foreign investments in accordance with U.S. tax compliance regulations. Our Miami CPA firm takes pride in our ability to resolve foreign investor questions quickly - even when the foreign party remains outside U.S. soil.

      The U.S. is Open for Business - Seeking Foreign Investors

      Once the exclusive realm of some of the largest companies, globalization is now a reality for companies of all sizes. Business owners who want to work with foreign investors need to be prepared and have the right foreign investor advice. Our CPAs are experienced and prepared to work with foreign investors in your business. To get foreign investment, you may need to have your business records translated in order for investors and foreign investment firms to adequately make their investment decisions.

      When U.S. business owners are looking to invest outside the country, you'll need a CPA who understands reading and analyzing U.S. GAAP statements. When dealing with foreign or transnational financial statements, it's important to understand that these are prepared quite differently from statements of U.S.-based companies. In addition, the sophistication and enforcement of accounting rules varies significantly from country to country. Only a CPA with foreign investor and foreign investment consulting experience can help business owners make good investment decisions when sending or receiving foreign money.

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    • Financial Planning Services for South Florida Businesses Owners

      From start-ups to public companies; from entrepreneurs to executives, our seasoned team of CPAs deliver not only traditional business accounting services but also an integrated and experienced team of accounting professionals as a resource you can trust.

      We fully understand the personal and financial commitment it takes to start and run a successful business in today's economic times. We take deep pride in helping local business owners in South Florida keep their financial houses in order and humming along smoothly.

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates we develop one-on-one relationships with our clients so we understand your needs and find ways to keep your financial outlook on track. We are honored by the trust displayed by our clients and we commit to continue to earn that trust and to gain the trust of new clients by taking a proactive interest in the financial image of your business.

      Business Financial Planning Services You Can Trust

      Many of our clients have the flexibility to engage us on a one-time (as needed) basis and others need ongoing help. Either way, your financial planning doesn't have to cost a fortune - after all, you're trying to build one!

      Our financial planning services include:

      • Business financial planning consulting
      • Cash flow spending plans
      • Retirement planning strategies
      • Stock option planning
      • Lump sum distribution advice
      • Personal financial planning
      • Estate and trust administration
      • Estate tax planning
      • Life and disability insurance needs review
      • Corporate employee financial education seminars

      We work with businesses that are small and medium-sized and we'll help you achieve financial peace of mind by helping you and your team set financial goals and reach them. We always strive to do what's best and what's right for our clients. Let us work together to design the right financial plan for your business needs.

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    • IRS Examination (Audit) Services for South Florida Businesses Owners

      The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) selects a number of business tax returns for examination each year to determine whether their tax reporting is accurate. When business owners receive an IRS letter of examination, it does not necessarily mean that there has been a tax accounting error. It does, however, mean the business owner could be quite busy handling the IRS examination effort unless they have adequate representation. An IRS examination may involve:

      • Examination by mail or in-person interview
      • A review of your taxpayer's records over several years
      • Recorded and documented interviews with IRS Tax Agents

      At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates our bilingual team of licensed and certified public accountants can represent you before the IRS; a local Miami CPA firm with experience is the best choice when you need representation.

      In the past decade, the IRS has increased their examination and audit activity significantly and there's no doubt that an IRS audit can be a rather stressful event for a business owner. Luckily, our team of CPAs knows how to organize your returns and show your position to the best advantage. We'll work with you before your scheduled audit interview to clarify any areas that may seem questionable. We will also help you show the auditor the information requested in a logical, factual way and get the examination completed quickly.

      What to Expect if you Receive an IRS Examination Letter

      Typically, the length of the examination process will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The IRS will ask for detailed documentation, including:

      • Your business ledgers and journals
      • Business bank statements
      • Pension and investment plan statements
      • Tax records going back several years

      The IRS will have reviewed your tax returns in advance and they'll have in mind what they want to focus on. The purpose of their examination and what they're focusing on won't be disclosed to you, however, so you'll be asked a lot of questions about the start of your business, the nature of individual transactions, and your customer base and partnerships.

      Business owners with established, confident, and experienced CPA firms typically have a far shorter, far less painful IRS examination process. Don't wait until your firm is selected for an IRS examination. Get your tax accounting handled right the first time.

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    • Serving non-profit organizations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

      Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates is an Accounting Services firm staffed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who specialize in the unique accounting and tax needs of non-profit organizations. Our not-for-profit clients rely on our team to help them remain in compliance with the various regulations affecting the non-profit business sector. Our Miami CPA firm believes that all businesses - especially those operated as not for profit - deserve access to the highest quality accounting and tax services available, and we're proud to support their efforts.

      Our not-for-profit accounting services include:

      • Form 990 and 990-T preparation
      • State and local tax filings
      • Financial statement preparation

      We provide a deeply personal approach to our not-for-profit clients. This gives us a thorough understanding of your business and ensures you get the personal attention you and your mission deserve.

      When you operate a not-for-profit organization, attention to detail and expertise are important.

      Our team enjoys the work we do with our not-for-profit clients especially because it gives us the opportunity to help companies that are making a difference in our community, in our state, and across the world. Florida-based non-profits deliver a wide range of services, aid, and support to those in need and it's with honor that we support their causes.

      Our not-for-profit accounting services are unique for these reasons:

      • Our team has experience in non-profit and not-for-profit accounting and auditing services
      • Our hands-on approach ensures that your non-profit bookkeeping delivers value to your entity and supports your cause
      • Our CPAs are experienced at examining and understanding the accounting details of your organization
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    • Our company has a certified translator who translates any document from English to Spanish and Spanish to English with all the certifications and credentials.
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