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Foreign Investor Consulting Services for South Florida Businesses Owners

Serving foreign investors in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Metro Areas

U.S. Business owners need to make the right financial decisions about seeking foreign investors. Consulting a CPA firm armed with experience in delivering trusted foreign investor advice is a good idea because foreign investment inquiries are better fielded with honest advice and individual attention.

Money goes where it is well treated, and the United States remains the world's largest and most dynamic economy. Today, it welcomes foreign investors as having a positive impact on economic growth and job creation. There are a number of advantages to investing in the U.S., and as a result, many foreign investors want to invest in American businesses. When a business owner is reaching out to potential investors or receiving foreign investor enquiries, a CPA experienced in helping foreign investors confidently invest their money can make the competitive difference your business needs.

At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates our bilingual CPAs have an excellent grasp on the global perspective necessary for U.S. business owners. We have experience representing foreign investors and a proven track record of finding the most beneficial solutions to foreign investments in accordance with U.S. tax compliance regulations. Our Miami CPA firm takes pride in our ability to resolve foreign investor questions quickly - even when the foreign party remains outside U.S. soil.

The U.S. is Open for Business - Seeking Foreign Investors

Once the exclusive realm of some of the largest companies, globalization is now a reality for companies of all sizes. Business owners who want to work with foreign investors need to be prepared and have the right foreign investor advice. Our CPAs are experienced and prepared to work with foreign investors in your business. To get foreign investment, you may need to have your business records translated in order for investors and foreign investment firms to adequately make their investment decisions.

When U.S. business owners are looking to invest outside the country, you'll need a CPA who understands reading and analyzing U.S. GAAP statements. When dealing with foreign or transnational financial statements, it's important to understand that these are prepared quite differently from statements of U.S.-based companies. In addition, the sophistication and enforcement of accounting rules varies significantly from country to country. Only a CPA with foreign investor and foreign investment consulting experience can help business owners make good investment decisions when sending or receiving foreign money.

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