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Affordable Payroll Services for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

TIme saving service for Miami and Fort Lauderdale entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that accurate management of your payroll services is critical to your business, but it's not an everyday effort. Save time and money by trusting this time-consuming activity to our team and focus on the business at hand instead

Calculating and processing payroll can be a challenge, particularly for small business owners. Many of the factors to consider include: determining withholding taxes and employee wages, tracking vacation and sick pay and calculating payments for benefits contributed by the employee.

Why should you consider using Fernandez-Bergnes and Associates to outsource your company's payroll services?

  • Accuracy. We are know we need to be accurate if we want to keep you as a client. Count on us also being up to date with the latest tax law changes. 
  • Convenience. The time consuming task is taken care of by our expert team. 
  • Compliance. There is a complex combination of state and federal legal obligations to consider in the payroll process. Hiring Fernandez-Bergness and Associates can save you money on legal fees, and puts compliance in the hands of our expert team that has experience in these legal issues.
At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates, our team takes the time to understand your industry, how your business fits within it, and you. Our financial advisors have the expertise and knowledge to guide you and your company through the changes that are occurring in the business and tax laws now and those that will come down the road - no matter what those changes are.

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